Who We Are

We are two ordinary believers in Christ, brought together by God because we share a love and passion for the inductive study of God’s Word.

Cynthia Feenstra

Cynthia Feenstra


Cynthia was saved at the age of 15 when a neighbor shared the gospel.  Years later, after feeling frustrated that her time in the Word was missing something and became a bit rote, the Lord sent her a mentor who taught her the inductive Bible study method and shared Irving Jensen’s books as resources for not merely understanding the method, but also falling in love with her Savior through studying His Word.
The result of the Word excitingly having come alive was so life-changing that it impassioned Cynthia to share the method, and for over 20 years, she has taught students of all ages how to inductively study the Bible.  Aside from teaching in her home state of Florida, she has also taught in a Christian high school, has held seminars for high school teachers that illustrate how to teach the method to students, is regularly a keynote speaker for women’s events, and offers weekend seminars in various states on learning the inductive method.  Because of her own past frustrations in Bible study and her interaction with countless students who express likewise, Cynthia has used her God-given gift of writing to author several inductive Bible studies that explain and creatively illustrate the inductive method step-by-step with charts, quotes, diagrams, and personal stories.
Cynthia is also an avid user of the Logos software for her personal inductive Bible studies, so watch for inductive Bible study video tutorials from her that include how to prepare your own observation worksheets and how to set up your screen for inductive Bible study.
Karen Jensen Collins

Karen Jensen Collins


Karen lives in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area with her husband, Steve. She is a daughter of the late Irving L. Jensen, from whom she learned to love inductive Bible study. While enrolled at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, Karen–along with hundreds of other students, including her brother, Bob, and sister, Donna–learned the analytical chart method of inductive Bible study, the method taught in one of her father’s books entitled Independent Bible Study.

Independent Bible Study was declared out of print by Moody Press in 1996. Its 2016 release in digital format by Logos / Faithlife prompted Karen to compile an eBook full of sample analytical charts created by Bryan College alumni from the 1950s to the 1990s. Entitled Unlock the Bible Student in You, it contains more than 350 charts, a testament to the riches of God’s Word when studied inductively. This eBook is available as a bonus in the Unlock the Bible Student in You package (video, webinar & eBook) available here at Inductive Charts SOON!

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