Do it inductively online with

. . . even if your budget is $ZERO

Here’s Cynthia’s recommendation after many years of experience with LOGOS software:

  • 1)  Download the LOGOS 6 ENGINE software at no cost
  • 2)  Add their tons of free resources available
  • 3)  Watch their free 30-day Training on Inductive Bible Study & begin to do your own inductive Bible study online

Then purchase individual books when you need them!

See her specific instructions below . . .

STEP 1: Download Free Software

The free LOGOS 6 engine runs on MAC and Windows, as well as mobile devices.

Click HERE to download and install the program to your desktop. (You can later download the mobile app from your device App Store, which will sync all your resources.)

When you create an account in, they require a credit card to keep on file, but as long as you “purchase” free resources, you will not be charged.

Also, the email address you give to create your account will be used to sync your resources among all devices, so be sure to use a valid email address that you have regular access to, and always log into your account using the same email so that you don’t have your resources spread across different accounts.


LOGOS is the software that allows you to read any of the more than 20,000 digital books available from the publisher FAITHLIFE.

Faithlife has made available TONS of free resources — simply find the ones you like at this FREE RESOURCES link, and “Add to Cart” to move them into your library in the account you set up in Step 1.

The benefit of adding them to your own library in your LOGOS account is that, if your computer dies on you (you probably know that feeling), all you have to do is re-load the core engine onto your new computer and voila! All of your resources are re-downloaded without you having to do anything else, including all of your Bible notes, highlighting, etc.

And just think: you can access all of your stuff from your phone, your tablet, etc.


CLICK HERE to begin watching Faithlife’s 30-Day Training on the inductive Bible study method.

One video per day . . .   “30 minutes for 30 days”

(Over-achievers can do it faster!)

This study takes you through the book of Matthew, focusing on Matthew 4, using LOGOS software to perform the tasks of observation, interpretation, and application.



1. LOGOS is in the business of selling books, so they will make recommendations for books throughout the videos (and you’ll no doubt be enticed through emails to consider purchasing a “base package”). Just a heads up! Remember that you can do so much in LOGOS simply using their free resources.

2. Cynthia, who has been teaching inductive Bible study for over 20 years, gives this 30-Day Training a high rating. However, she explains that it’s not FULL inductive Bible study. But it’s still very good training. She found that, by just using these 3 free resources: the Lexham English Bible, Lexham Bible Dictionary, and Faithlife Bible Study Notes, she was able to follow along with the videos and do the steps they taught.