Simply put, studying the Bible inductively allows you to see for yourself what God says in Scripture.


If all of the Bible studies you’ve done have been based on either questions from a Bible study leader or an author of a Bible study book, then you owe it to yourself to learn how to study the Bible independently . . . firsthand.

You’ll find that discovering God’s truth from Scripture on your own with the illumination of the Holy Spirit will excite you to want to know more!

We’re here to help you get started . . .

How do you learn best?


Learn by READING

If you’re a VISUAL learner, you learn best by reading or seeing pictures.

So consider READING BOOKS & RESOURCES on the inductive Bible study method. Here are just a few of the sources we recommend:


Books by Irving Jensen

70 books authored by Jensen are available

Click here for Jensen books

Free Excerpt: Independent Bible Study

Jensen’s first book describes the inductive study method.

Click here to download an excerpt

This site, full of Bible study tools, has an extensive explanation of the inductive method.

Click here for Precept Austin

Precept Ministries

Kay Arthur, founder of Precept Ministries, was introduced to the inductive method by Jensen’s book, Independent Bible Study.

Click here for Precept Ministries

Intervarsity's Inductive Bible Study training

Download a pdf guide & view a 3-part video series on the inductive method.

Click here for Intervarsity

Learn by HEARING

If you’re an AUDITORY learner, you learn best by hearing and listening. You need to hear things–not just see things–in order to learn well.

So consider WATCHING VIDEOS and WEBINARS that show you how you can study the Bible inductively. Our resource, Unlock the Bible Student in You, does just that.

Learn by DOING

If you’re a TACTILE learner, you learn best by touching and doing.

Consider joining us for a WEEKEND WORKSHOP SAFARI at The Cove (Billy Graham Training Center) in Asheville, NC.

OR consider TAKING AN ONLINE CLASS on the inductive Bible study method. Using your computer reinforces learning through the sense of touch. We offer LIVE online classes and ARCHIVED recorded classes.

You may also enjoy learning to STUDY INDUCTIVELY ONLINE. Even if your budget is $ZERO, Cynthia can show you how to learn the inductive method online.