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Cynthia’s Inductive Bible Study on the Book of JUDE is currently underway–sorry you missed the window of opportunity to join in . . . (but read below¬†about its availability to download, once completed)

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Online inductive Bible study on the book of JUDE
Inductive Bible Study on the Book of JUDE

This online Bible study, originally conducted during May and June 2017, is a perfect choice for learning the inductive Bible study method from Cynthia. The book of Jude is short, with only 25 verses, yet packed with interesting topics, such as the importance of defending the faith, the significance of doctrine to your faith, how to identify false teachers and what to do about them, and learning what the difference is between grace and mercy.

Click HERE to view Week One Comments from the study group as they responded to several key questions Cynthia posed on her blog.

Available soon to download for individual or group study

We invite you to journey with Cynthia through the book of Jude, studying on your own as time allows, discovering nuggets of God’s truth yourself as you learn step-by-step the inductive Bible study method. Perfect for individual study or with a group of others eager to dig deeper into the Word.




6-minute excerpt from the jude online study: What is inductive Bible study (and how it differs from deductive bible study)

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